Derma Wand Product Review

Derma Wand ReviewDerma Wand Product Review - Derma Wand ReviewDerma Wand Product Review

Product features and claims: that it stimulates and rejuvenates by sending out a gentle stream of low level micro-current impulses up to 168,000 cycles per second, imitating hundreds of tiny fingers that massage your skin – and massage helps improve circulation bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin s surface. The gentle micro current also has a thermal effect on the skin s surface, helping the skin look more toned and tight, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I have been using this product a week now and am happy with it, and seeing a reduction of wrinkles and an overall smoothing of my skin.  It does has an odd odor while using, but that is normal and its not an offensive smell.  It’s the oxygen and it smells similar to after a rain.  The sensation of the wand on your face isn’t too intense, unless you lift the bulb off the skin, then it feels like mini electrical shocks, so be sure to keep the wand in direct contact with the skin.

I do have rosacea, so I don’t use this product on areas that flare, because this can and does increase rosacea issues.  I do use it around my eyes, forehead, neck and jaw areas however, which is what I wanted to focus on anyways.

As for the skin care line.  It’s ok, but not superb.  I believe there are better products out there.  The pre-treatment product is basically an aloe vera based gel product.  You could just use an aloe vera gel, or your favorite moisturizer as a pre-treatment.

Overall, I would highly recommend the derma wand, I love it and can’t wait to see even more dramatic results with more time.  So far, I’m impressed!

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Derma Wand ReviewDerma Wand Review


Derma Wand Review

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