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Lumene Vitamin C Serum Product Review

Lumene Vitamin C Serum Product ReviewLumene Vitamin C Bright Skin Radiance Nectar

After hearing several doctors recommend Vitamin C serum for skin care, especially on aging skin, I decided on this brand to try.  At first I was a bit concerned, because it has a definite scent of orange (which is pleasant), but as one who battles rosacea, my concern was that this product would really irritate my skin and flare that up.

This product does separate, so you do need to shake it vigorously several times during application.  I was however, pleasantly surprised with this serum.  It did not irritate my skin or give a burning sensation.  It actually felt moisturizing and I found I really liked it.   I noticed it helped even out skin tone and help with better texture.  I really love this product now!

The only con I would add to this is sometimes the applicator squirts either further out than expected, or dribbles down the side of the bottle, so occasionally it was messy.  Other than that, I would give this vitamin C serum a rating of 4 stars.

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